When word comes that you are gone
what will be said of you?
Those who only knew you casually
will say charitable platitudes.
For that’s the thing to do when
death closes out fond or ill remembrances.

But how will those that cared remember you?
He lived a good life, they’ll say.
Good as in good health, good parent or spouse.
But how cast your shadow
after all decays with time?
Is anyone better because of you?

You stood in awe of nature and the universe.
Will they say, he noticed such things?
You reverenced life of all creatures.
Will they say, it meant much to him?

You loved the arts.
Will they say, he excelled at none but tried?
You believed, but your doubts were many.
Will they say, he had concern for his fellow man?


6 thoughts on “Afterwards”

  1. I remember writing on this topic in one of my psychedelic experiences . I had a very long laugh, drank my water and said ” the man that saw tomorrow “

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