This Thing Called Life

If only I knew how everything will turn out
If only when I try to fix things, they became better
If only I could tell how others feel
And if only people believed what I say…

If I knew how to express my feelings
If I knew how to make people understand
If I knew how to make them believe
If I knew how to make them happy

If making people happy does not leave me sad
If making them understand does not leave me benighted
If making them believe doesn’t make me a liar
And if letting them know how I feel does not leave me numb

Things would have never reached that point
I know I would be in a much happier place
No one would ever blame me for not caring
No one would blame me for not thinking

That’s just life … You’re never certain
You never know, you’re never sure
You’re not going to live that dream of yours
And life would never be “trouble free”

You have to live with what you have
And when you fail, fail forward
Use the broken piece of your shattered dreams as stairs to glory
Make the best of everyday

Life is a train that never stops
Keep going through it without pausing
Just live each day and throw it behind you
Don’t look back or you’ll break your neck


3 thoughts on “This Thing Called Life”

  1. Didn’t you say you are different…IF i say this made me consent to that,just IF…wot wld you think?…Nice piece doh


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